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Warning: I recommend to REGULARLY DO A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR CATALOG FILE (.amc/.xml file), and not only before testing a new version.

Version - Complete package with installation (recommended)
Size: 5.10 MB, Last update: 2014-04-20

Download from FossHub | Direct download link

Version - Complete package without installation / portable (same as above, but as RAR file to expand manually)
Size: 5.14 MB, Last update: 2014-04-20

Download from FossHub | Direct download link

The scripts that have been recently updated are available at the following address: I update the installation package only when there are several scripts that have been updated, or when an important site changes (like IMDB or AllocinÚ for example). So if a script does not work anymore, it may already been updated on this page but not yet officially included with the program. The brand new scripts are also available there some time before being included with the program. You can also update these scripts by launching the script named "Update Scripts".

Other programs that allow to use catalogs created by Ant Movie Catalog
AntViewer 1.6bConfigurable stand-alone viewer that can be used for "kiosk" mode
AntViewer 1.9Updated version of Ant Viewer, accepting catalogs from version 4.2
"My Films", Plugin for Media PortalPlugin for reading in Media Portal the XML files made by Ant Movie Catalog

Additional tools
Image import for Ant Movie Catalog227 KB2012-01-29  
Small graphical tool that stores all linked pictures of a .amc catalog. Useful if all your pictures are stored as external files, and you decide that now you prefer to put them in the catalog. The reverse operation can be done by saving catalog to XML (then saving back to .amc if you want).
AMC Image Import61 KB2012-01-29  
Command-line tool to search for pictures in a folder, and set them as pictures for movies. The files have to have the number of corresponding movie in their name.
AMC2CSV62 KB2012-01-29  
Command-line tool to convert a .amc or .xml catalog to a .csv text file.

Old versions are available at the following address:

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